History of the Silver Horseshoe

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Built in 1910, the legendary Silver Horseshoe has history and character that few hotels can offer. Dating back to prohibition, and before, there are stories of underground tunnels used for bootlegging, that traverse the hotel property and some of the other historical landmark buildings throughout Saint Anthony. You do not need to look far to find locals who will look you straight in the eye and tell you about ghosts dressed in Cowboy gear who on occasion, still visit the Silver Horseshoe saloon. Other locals will tell you about the Chicago Mafia and how they once used Saint Anthony as a distant “cooler town” location for some of their members under “heat” by the Feds. Legend has it, these Mafia members were apparently easily bored; hence the connection between the brothel, bootlegging, tunnels, and the town’s hard-earned a.k.a: the ‘Little Chicago.’

If wild stories of underground tunnels, ghosts, and the Chicago Mafia isn’t enough to tantalize your hospitality taste buds, then at the very least you’ll be intrigued by the thousands of cattle brands all over the walls of the hotel property.

Steakhouse and Saloon

Silver Horseshoe

Steakhouse and Saloon

Back in the 1940’s, proprietor Roy Powell (father-in-law of the original Mrs. Powell's cinnamon roll franchise), put the Silver Horseshoe Steakhouse and Saloon on the national map. The food and entertainment were so good that it became popular for cowboys and ranchers from around the country to order the required 32 oz. "Cowboy Steak" to get their family brand on the wall of the legendary Silver Horseshoe. Today, over 4 generations of family cattle brands, burned onto 6” varnished shingles, still exist on the walls of the restaurant, saloon, and dance floor.

Silver Horseshoe Inn

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